PS 22-K Fence Project: LOOK... ACT... DREAM... 1992-96


© Mike Metz 2007

Look / act / dream,  consists of 12, medallion sculptures which are incorporated into the Classon Street perimeter fence that has been built with wrought iron standards and brick columns.


Each medallion-like sculpture is raised in front of the fence and consists of a single three-dimensional linear cast aluminum bar which at first glance illustrates one thing, then (taking a second look) appears to be something else.  Behind the linear bar is a 1/4 inch steel plate  which frames the formed bar. The steel plate back is painted black. The linear bar contains a text in both raised and engraved type.


The raised text names what ever the sculpture seems to look like. The stock part of the sentence (“Look at the ____ acting like a ____ dreaming of ____”) is engraved into the surface of the rod.  The text is the connective thread between the individual works in this series.


One of the texts on the bars has been done in Creole French, and one in Spanish to celebrate the multicultural nature of the neighborhood.

PS 22-K  Student Artists:

Rocksroy Bailey, David C. Bands, Earl Brown, Landis Burgess, Donna Butler, Jonathan Carrington, Crystal Connell, Wilhelmena Daniels, MaryAnn Gomez, Misha Elie, Ishmeal Goodrich, Stephen A. Haynes, Chinb Hong, John Mannon, Bettye  Mullings,  Samuel Robinson, Richard D. Rolls,  Lissette  Salvador, Salvador Qracelly, Donald Stevens

PS 22-K-Metz.pdf

Animated view of single bar text

Mike Metz